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A more personal approach to quality investment

Sun Holdings Group is a premier 28 year old real estate investment and management company with broad experience and expertise in residential apartments, hospitality and retail sectors.

SHG has developed and maintained a disciplined approach, with which it was able to repeatedly identify attractive real estate investment opportunities with significant upside potential, yet manageable downside protection.

Since its inception, SHG has remained committed to three guiding principles that constitute the foundation of its success, and upon which it builds its future:

  • Disciplined underwriting and focus on steady long-term growth;

  • Intimate familiarity with the market and “hands-on” approach;

  • Contribution of a lion share of the equity in every investment.


SHG’s strong equitable position is supported by a unique group of sophisticated wealthy individuals that have maintained a long-term partnership with the company.

SHG is currently involved in ownership and management of more than $500MM worth of properties, including apartments, restaurants, hotels, retail, and more.

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